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Cairo Opera House

Maestro Nabil Azzam to be honored at the
Cairo Opear House, November 1st.
During the Arab Music Festival and Conference 2015.
Congratulations from MESTO musicians and
Friends of MESTO

More details later



**CD Release Celebration!**
Tuesday Feb.24, 2015

Nabil Azzam with the CD banner

MESTO members also celebrated

Beautiful audience too

With members of Layali Zaman Ensemble

MC Frank Antonelli, MESTO manager

Dr. Raymond Jallow, President of Friends of MESTO

Scott Fraser, sound engineer at Architecture. Recorded Ah Ya Zain

Hatem Mounir, percussions and mastering of Ah Ya Zain

In this CD for solo 'ud, Nabil Azzam performs 16 traditional Arab Melodies with percussion instruments
and other beautiful accompaniment by Hatem Mounir dedicated for young ears.
Azzam's selection includes both vocal and instrumental melodies.
Almost all pieces are perfrormed with some degree of improvisation, an art that's highly admired by musicians.

MESTO Successful Concert, Oct. 18, 2014
The Downey Civic Theatre
Featuring music of Syria, Iraq, Jordan and also of Mozart
World premiere of Mariam by Nabil Azzam for violin and orchsestra
Works by Farid El-Atrache, Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahhab

Guest artists Rafi Kamal (Iraq) Samir Rizq (Syria) Hasan Minawi (Jordan) and Maestro Nabil Azzam

World premiere of Mariam for violin and orchestra by Nabil Azzam (violin)

Conducting Min Ghair Laih of 'Abd al-Wahhab

Consul general of Egypt HE AL-Husseini 'Abd al-Wahhab and his wife

Mr. and Mrs. Adel Eskandar of Layali Zaman, Drs. composer Sami and Mary Farag,
Dr. Abu Bakr El-Tawansy,Nabil Azzam and Mr. and Mrs, Maged Girgis of Layali Zaman Ensemble

Dr. Sami Asmar of Turath Ensemble

Strings: violins, violas, celli and basses. Ethnic: qanun, oud and mandolin.
Woodwinds include flute, oboe, clarinets and bassoons

The complete percussion section: Troy, Nahas, Payne and Martinelli

Our dedicated concertmistress Leola Wagner and Greorge Kuhr

Celli Belding (principal) and Votek and oud, Shaaban (also unseen qanun and mandolin)

Azzam performs his violin concerto Mariam
Program included the instrumental works:
Mozart: symphony no. 40 (first movement); Alla Turca
Atyaf (coktail) and Intal Hobb by M. Abd al-Wahhab,
Mariam, for violin and orchestra by maestro Nabil Azzam (World Premiere)
Min Ghair Laih, by M. Abd al-Wahhab (orchestration world premiere, N. A