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  • Original Compositions Based on Ethnic Tunes

  • Arrangement of Ethnic Tunes of Any Music Culture

MESTO considers compositions that incorporate folk instruments. The orchestra includes non-European instruments such as 'Ud, Qanun, Nay and different percussion instruments. In previous concerts MESTO has used other instruments such as Santour, Kamanche and Tar.

Upon availability of folk instruments and players who can perform with the orchestra, it is possible to perform your composition in our upcoming concerts.

  • Composers could send MESTO an e-mail to initiate the primary contact to tell us about your composition.

Some guidelines for composers:

  • Compositions should be written in Western notation. You can add the appropriate signs or any notation changes if necessary such as half-flats, half-sharps and so on.

  • The final version should be submitted in score and orchestral part.

  • In case of a new composition, we prefer a simplified recorded version submitted on tape or CD. Computer generated recording is also accepted. If composers use any music software for the computer, please indicate what the specific software usage is.

  • Compositions could be for an orchestra (strings, woodwinds and percussion instruments) in addition to any folk instrument chosen by the composer.

  • Vocal compositions (songs) are also considered.

  • MESTO welcomes works for a solo instrument and the above-mentioned ensemble (or part of the ensemble). Please indicate if you prefer a particular soloist to perform your composition.

  • Compositions could be of any length but we prefer up to 15 minutes for instrumental compositions.

If you have any suggestions please contact MESTO.


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